Harm from Hormones - The Bitter Pill
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Dr Ellen Grant qualified in medicine from St Andrews University, Scotland and began her life time study of oral contraceptives at University College Hospital, London in 1960. She investigated the effects of large numbers of different contraceptive pills in the first major British study organised by the Family Planning Association.  Her important discoveries help to explain why taking sex hormones causes serious side effects.

In the 1970s working at Charing Cross Hospital Migraine Clinic, she published in the Lancet how migraine attacks could be avoided. During the next 30 years she discovered, along with biochemist Dr John McLaren Howard of Biolab, London, that children with dyslexia were likely to be zinc deficient, that couples with unexplained infertility and recurrent miscarriages were likely to be zinc and magnesium deficient, and that using hormones increased deficiencies of essential nutrients.

Dr Grant’s interest in these fields has continued ever since, along with highlighting the importance of Nutritional Medicine in preventing illnesses. She is a founder member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine. Dr Grant’s numerous publications in major medical journals are testament to her search for scientific facts. She continues to expose flawed (but often much publicised) studies which seriously underestimate the dangers for women and their children of taking sex hormones.

Dr Ellen Grant is married to a retired neurosurgeon. They have a son, two daughters and four grandchildren.

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