Harm from Hormones - The Bitter Pill
The website of Dr Ellen Grant

Medicine 1952 - 1958 University of St Andrews, Scotland

Medal for Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Merit for Obstetrics and Gynaecology , John Kynoch Scholarship Award
Activities and societies: University Chapel Choir soloist
1958 MBChB Commendation

1959 DObstRCOG 1959

1962 Lalor Burdick Award

After qualifying, Dr Ellen Grant began her life time study of oral contraceptives at University College Hospital, London in 1960 with Dr Gerald Swyer and Dr Eleanor Mears of the Family Planning Association and the Council for the Investigation of Fertilty Control. Dr Swyer was member the US Planned Parenthood Federation along with Gregory Pincus (The Pill was known as the Pincus Pill).

Dr Grant investigated the effects of over 60 different oral contraceptive pills in the first major British study oral contraceptives organised by the Family Planning Association In London. Dr Grant was both a clinician and pathologist and her important discoveries help to explain why taking sex hormones can cause serious side effects. A Lalor Burdick Award helped to fund this research. C. Lalor Burdick served on the Board of Directors for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and the PPFAs World Population Emergency Campaign.

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